Follow @myletter_jp is International shipping, Private post-office box, Mail forwarding service
from Japan (Ginza・Osaka・Sendai)
from 0 cent/month

The lowest fees!

No monthly charge for international shipping. Rate starts from about 3 USD per transfer of 1 package. protect your privacy as a deputy service and you can enjoy enhanced life by joining us! Our friendly system enables you on-line tracking by PC, mobile phone and smartphone. You can decide which item to be forwarded by giving us instruction.

5 different packages to choose from

  • Identification submission is not required. Forwarding address must be located in overseas.
    ※Please note only parcel can be forwarded but not letter.
  • Changing preference setting will authorize us to receive mail too. In the case ID submission is mandatory.
  • No hustle paperwork. Enjoy your new address in Tokyo or Osaka instantly!
  • No monthly fee & low shipping cost! 1 domestic shipment's overall cost starts from 530yen equivalent to about 5 USD.(weight must be up to 2Kg)
International shipping
No monthly fee!

  • Plan suit for light user wants to obtain an address in Tokyo.
  • Storage service is not necessary and items can be forwarded automatically.
  • Not much of traffic is expected.
Free plan
Monthly fee / about 8 USD
(from 880 yen)

  • Suitable for those who wants to combine packages in one to save shipping cost.
  • Storage is necessary. Only needed items are to be forwarded under your instruction.
  • Received documents can be scanned and sent by email rather than forwarding it by mail so you could save shipping cost.
Basic plan
Monthly fee/ about 11 USD
(from 1210 yen)

  • Use Myletter address with company name.
  • Received mails can be combined in one to save shipping cost.
  • Received fax can be scanned and sent by email rather than forwarding it by mail.
Business plan
Monthly fee/ about 27 USD
(from 3,080 yen)

  • Easy delivery to Japanese Amazon from abroad. Individual support
  • dealing with customs procedures and returned goods etc after shipping.
  • Various deputy options are also available.
  • Transfer fee to Amazon FBA warehouse is free up to 5 times a mont
Amazon FBA plan
Monthly fee/ about 26 USD
(from 2,980 yen)

"Lost and Forgotten Items"
international shipping service

With our search & shipping service you can get back your lost or forgotten items in Japan.

What are you looking for?

Benefits for new member

  1. No initial fee!
  2. International shipping plan requires NO monthly fee.
  3. Web-managed system is available (goods list, ordering forwarding, selection of delivery service, shipping notification by e-mail, etc.).
  4. Nicknames are available for the address label. (First one is free)

Forwarding service for your privacy protection

Please be careful during internet shopping or selling. protect your privacy. We receive your goods on behalf of you and forward them to you (or buyer who purchased your products).


You get a choice of prestigious addresses at Ginza, Osaka, Sendai and New York. For details, click the city name below.

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