International shipping plan / No monthly fee!

International shipping from Tokyo and OSAKA address


  1. Identification submission is not required. Forwarding address must be located in overseas.
    *Please note only parcel can be forwarded but not mail.
  2. Changing preference setting will authorize us to receive mail too. In the case ID submission is mandatory.
  3. No hustle paperwork. Enjoy your new address in Tokyo or Osaka instantly!
  4. No monthly fee & low shipping cost! 1shipment cost starts from 420yen (about 3.8 USD).

In this plan, we consolidate received item and forward it without notice.

This service can save shipping cost.
(Consolidation for Large package or long package is not available)


Base consolidation fee 300 JPY/1 forward (including consumption tax)

Additional consolidation fee(From 3 packages) 250 JPY / 1 package

(including consumption tax)


4 packages consolidation fee is

Base consolidation fee $2.7

Additional consolidation fee 250 JPY x2 = $4.5

Total 7.3 USD (+ Shipping fee + Handling fee)

Example rate: $1 = 110.989 JPY

Made in Japan products are popular worldwide. Those below are our recommendation!

  1. Publications -Subscription is popular!
  2. Pharmaceutical products. -Why not to try trustworthy product?
  3. Household electrical appliances -Get comfy with best performance and most up to date features.

We ship "omotenashi"to your desired destination within the day.

*Selling pharmaceutical products without the prescription is prohibited.

*Selling or importing goods which contain nicotine-containing liquid used in electronic cigarette is prohibited.

How it works

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Worried about monthly cost? There is no monthly fee so you can use us anytime you want at your conveniences.

Please note we cannot forward mail. (Join normal plan & identification submission is required.) It's supported by P.O.Box basic plan or Free plan.

Online shopping

Having you address will enhance online shopping life!

  1. Get your address
  2. Purchase your item and send it to your address.
  3. We received your package on behalf.
  4. ( Make shipping payment.
  5. We forward your package. It's that easy and safe!
  6. Check your package status at MYBOX.

COD is no accepted to mail your package to your address.

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Package status (Arrival, Storage and etc.)

Packages in forwarding procedure

Delivery tracking

*Google translate was used to translate the japanese text in these screenshots into English.