Web-managed system, Mail forwarding service
International shipping & Private post-office box
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The lowest tariff!
No monthly charge for international shipping. Rate starts from 29 yen per day, or 110 yen per transfer 1 package within domestic.

We protect your privacy and you can enjoy enhanced life by joining us! Our friendly system enables you on-line tracking by PC, mobile phone and smartphone. You can decide which item to be forwarded by giving us instruction. Surcharge starts from 110 yen per piece!

4 different packages to choose from

My-Letter.jp allows you to choose from 4 different packages, to ensure you/your company receives the maximum benefit.
After registration, You can change the package anytime according to your needs.

International shipping
No monthly fee!
  • Identification submission is not required. Forwarding address must be located in overseas.
    ※Please note only parcel can be forwarded but not letter.
  • Changing preference setting will authorize us to receive mail too. In the case ID submission is mandatory.
  • No hustle paperwork. Enjoy your new address in Tokyo or Osaka instantly!
  • No monthly fee & low shipping cost!1shipment cost starts from 630yen.(weight must be up to 5Kg)

Free plan
Monthly fee / 880 yen onward
  • Plan suit for light user wants to obtain an address in Tokyo.
  • Storage service is not necessary and items can be forwarded automatically.
  • Not much of traffic is expected.

Basic plan
Monthly fee/ 1210 yen onward ~
  • Storage is necessary. Only needed items are to be forwarded under my instruction.
  • I want My-Letter.jp to scan received documents and sent it to me by email so that I can save cost rather than forwarding it by mail.

Business plan
Monthly fee/ 5500 yen onward
  • Virtual office is necessary.
  • I want My-Letter.jp to consolidate received mails to save cost.
  • I want My-Letter.jp to scan received fax and sent it to me by email rather than forwarding it by mail.


You get a choice of prestigious addresses at Ginza, Osaka, Sendai and New York. For details, click the city name below.